Intelligent sniper weapon already on sale

Last year I was presenting an unusual TrackingPoint Texas sniper rifle, equipped with an intelligent targeting system. The new weapon has just hit the market and it is already high interest, even though the price of 22 thousand dollars.

I would like to remind you that the rifle, which has been used by engineers for more than three years, is a true miracle of technology, which is practically the same itself, and even an amateur can use it as efficiently as a trained professional.

The biggest asset of the weapon is an electronic and very advanced aiming system, consisting of a camera, laser rangefinder, gyroscope, humidity sensor and other sensors controlled by a ballistic computer. The hardware works with intelligent firing system. To hit the target, first mark it and then remember it and make the necessary settings. In addition, the weapon will fire only when its electronics determine that the target is in the correct position to guarantee its hit.

In short, an effective rifle was created at a level unattainable for another weapon. Therefore, dating must be password protected to prevent unauthorized use.

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