Intelligent reflector will improve the safety of motorcyclists

Passenger cars, especially those from the upper shelf, have used adaptive headlights for more than a few years to better illuminate the road, prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles, and better illuminate corners. It’s time for motorcycles to use this kind of lighting too.

Motorcycles are not so technologically advanced as cars, but they also occasionally get solutions that improve safety and comfort. One such product is the JW Speaker Model 8790 reflector featuring an adaptive Matrix LED technology, known from Audi vehicles.

The product is a technologically advanced device that differs significantly from the first headlamps built to dual wheels. In addition to the LEDs that provide the main beam of light, it also features a number of additional LEDs, which feature better cornering.

Each of them generates its own beam of light extending beyond the main beam. This gives the beam of light generated by the reflector a significant increase in its width, which translates into better visibility and thus greater driving safety. Motorcyclists will not be surprised by any unforeseen obstacles.

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