Intelligent Levi’s jacket with Google Jacquard technology will soon be on sale

By the fall of this year, tech-savvy fans will be able to purchase a jacket developed jointly by Google and Levi’s. The product called Commuter, will be available for $ 350.

About two years ago, Google announced a partnership with Levi’s clothing company to create smart clothes with access to mobile devices. A prototype of a new jacket was shown, using the Jacquard technology developed by Google engineers to transform the material so that it recognizes gestures.

It has been suggested previously that the jacket will be on the market but has yet to be revealed when it can be expected and how much it will cost. We now know this because at SXSW 2017 it was confirmed that the clothes called Commuter, will appear in the sale in the fall and cost $ 350.

It’s an exorbitant amount for clothes, but Commuter is not just a jacket. The product blends with the smartphone with Bluetooth and then its holder, with gestures, can adjust the volume of music playback, enable navigation, or answer incoming calls.

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