Intel Basin Falls and Coffee Lake are to be the response to Ryzena and HEDT from AMD

Faster with these cores. Sources from the personal computer industry, according to DigiTimes, point out that rumors a little over a week ago are supposed to be true. According to sources, Intel’s Skynake-X and Kaby Lake processor-based Basin Falls platform and X299 logic chips will be available at Computex 2017, two months ahead of schedule. At the same time, further information was received that also the Coffee Lake processors (Core Eighth Generation) will acceleration and more than four months – their debut is now expected in August, not in January next year.

It is worth remembering that with the Coffee Lake processors, Intel for the first time in many years will increase the number of cores in typical consumer models. In addition to dual- and quad-core models, the new series will also feature six-core notebooks, according to gossip also for laptops. Intel’s decisions appear to be the result of how much the company’s latest Ryzen series processors have been responsible for the skin. With it, AMD provides virtually all price segments with more cores and threads.

Even if some people feel a certain skepticism, pointing to Intel’s advantage in games, it’s still only one of many uses. AMD even without it has a clear advantage in terms of price / performance ratio for professional applications, video editing and editing, etc. However, you can not overlook the fact that by optimizing engines, through the corresponding updates, AMD Ryzen processors in games can get (and get better) results, so even the only one in Intel’s sleeve fades.

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If the reports of accelerating the next series of processors are confirmed, then we will have the first case in a really long time where Intel is forced to react to some competitor CPUs. AMD’s previous generation Ryzen processors deliver up to half the performance, and their powerful graphics card is extremely energy efficient. Intel may have, after the unsuccessful Bulldozer architecture, such advances in the camp did not expect AMD, and he was very surprised. Intel has really three out of this situation. The first thing is to make a good face to play bad and no reaction to how the Ryzen processors come out of the shops. The second output is a reduction in the price of currently offered processors, which would severely hamper AMD’s plans and put Intel in the position of an untouchable sales leader. The third solution is to accelerate market launches of ready-made processor platforms that could better compete with Risen in terms of specifications and computing power. Remember that even bypassing the processing power and energy efficiency of the Ryzen processors, the number of cores and threads is also important in the market.

If the source reports are true, it would mean that Intel chose the hardest way to handle AMD’s great success. On the other hand, accelerating the market debuts of more advanced processors, Intel would show that it has enough resources to speed up the number of cores of its processors.

Up to now, Basin Falls has provided Intel with three 140-watt Skylake-X processors (6, 8 and 10 cores) and a 112-watt Kaby Lake-X (4 cores). Their sales would start at the end of June this year. In August, the strongest representative of the Skylake-X series will appear, which is a 12-core unit.It is possible that Intel plans to collide these processors with the new AMD models for the HEDT platform. Note that according to unofficial news, roughly in August, AMD is to unveil the X399 logic platform and 12- and 16-core processors (respectively 24 and 32-bit). The HEDT platform for Intel over the past few years has been spectacular, proving that the company offers the most powerful (and unmatched) consumer processors. For now, there are a lot of indications that the AMD attack is likely to succeed, but do not share the spoils yet.

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As for the 14-nanometer processors of the Coffee Lake, Intel and Intel will most likely want to at least get a bit in the mass market. Among these processors will appear among others. New Core i3, Core 5 and Core i7 models with the “K” designation along with the X370 logic chips. This is to happen in August. Other Coffee Lake processors, as well as H370, H310 and H310 logic chips will appear sequentially before the end of the current year or early next. Digitimes sources add that Intel has ordered five additional EUV sets from ASML to increase its production capacity. Did the “blue” light all the red lights?

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