Insure yourself from online trolls

Internet trolls are becoming more and more bold and can seriously harm our lives as well as harm our company, causing measurable financial losses. One of the UK insurance companies has come up with a whole new offer to insure against the effects of such individuals.

Probably all of us at least once met on his way to an online troll. Most of them are harmless and only pours their frustration on various forums. There are also far more dangerous individuals who can spread our slander on us, destroying our image or our company, which often translates into measurable financial losses due to outflow of customers.

Fighting such individuals is not easy, but luckily you can insure yourself from the effects of their actions. Such insurance offers to its clients one of the UK companies that has prepared a new offer called “troll insurance”.

Under the policy, the customer can be reimbursed for the costs of initiating a cyber-case trial. It can also count on spending up to £ 50,000, such as moving or changing jobs forced by online trolls.

In the most serious cases, the customer will also receive help from a qualified team who will fix his or her reputation on the web and will track down the offender responsible for the damage and bring him to justice.

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