Instagram goes to war with bots and fake accounts

In the end, they will make it order. Instagram has started fighting fraudulent accounts and fraudulent services that have been plagiarizing for a while. Facebook has announced that most of the bots will be gone soon to be used to publish erotic content and ads. The company’s first activities are already visible. Instagram forced Instagress to shut down, which for a monthly subscription of $ 10 allowed automatic posting of comments and likes.

Instagress violated Instagram’s regulations, but now he has resolved to deal with him. The portal spokesman did not comment on the event. For some time now we have seen fewer and fewer bots, which probably means that the service is increasingly taking on the fight against counterfeit accounts. Some time ago, internet research companies reported that as many as 50 million bikers from Instagram’s over half a billion community.

It is worth recalling that Instagram carried out fraudulent activity several years ago. Many more famous users lost a lot of followers then. The sacrifice of this cleaning became, among other things, the singer Akon, whose number of followers fell by as much as 60%.

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