In two years there will be space-time sun-powered spacecraft

Scientists have for years been theorizing on space vehicles that could be powered by powerful sails catching the wind. It is possible that in two years it will be possible to realize such an idea.

Engineers from the 1980s founded the Planetary Society (founder of the famous astronomer Carl Sagan) to work on a small, unmanned, medium-size satellite that would be powered by a special sail catching the wind. A machine called LightSail would be launched in orbit on Falcon Heavy, owned by the SpaceX consortium, within two years.

LightSail is a compact size vehicle just 30 cm long, which would be sent to low orbit on which the Earth is circling the International Space Station. Within a few weeks of its completion, the machine would develop its sail on a 32 square meter surface, which would ensure its propulsion.

Of course, this would be an attempt to see if such a drive, according to scientists’ theories, could indeed be effective under real conditions. If it turns out that a solar sail can actually serve as a powerful propulsion for moving spaceships, then the path to exploration of our solar system and subsequent galaxies would be a hole in humanity.

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