In Dubai, the first ready-made passenger dron will debut

Already this summer, tourists coming to Dubai will be able to fly the world’s first passenger drones. Soon it will start its air taxi service called EHang 184.

Increasingly crowded streets have forced engineers to look for alternative means of transportation that will allow them to get to their places in no time. Many began to look up and began designing passenger drones that could lift a man.

One of the most advanced of its kind is EHang 184, which debuted during last year’s CES in Las Vegas. Already this summer this year it will be possible to try this device personally, because in a few months will start working in Dubai. Chinese dron will carry Burj al-Arab guests, the most characteristic and at the same time the most luxurious hotel in the world.

Of course, to meet the EHang 184, you must meet certain conditions, that is, to be quite slim, because the total weight of a passenger with a small luggage can not exceed 100 kg. Drons driven by electric motors can accelerate to 160 km / h, although during operation, the maximum speed will be limited to 100 km / h. The batteries allow him to fly for 30 minutes, which allows him to overcome the maximum distance of 50 km.

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