In Dubai, an office building with a 3D printer will be created

Chinese people just a few months ago showed that 3D printers are great for home construction, putting 10 such constructions in one day. Soon the technology will be used in Dubai, where a fully functional office building will be built, to be used by a special industrial printer model.

3D printers are increasingly used to build homes. These devices are extremely precise and can work virtually without interruption, so they are very efficient. Soon, their building options will be tested in Dubai, where they will build a fully functional office building.

To realize this project will be used a 6 meter high industrial printer, designed specifically for this type of task. The machine will make a one-story, prototype building usable area of ​​185 square meters.

The construction will be up for several weeks and will be made of reinforced concrete, as well as plaster reinforced with glass fiber and plastic. Interestingly, 3D printing technology will not only serve to build a building, but also to create all the equipment.

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