I’ll do it in the dishwasher!

Hair brush or make-up brushes should be in a beautician. Toys, should be in the children’s room. Or maybe not always? Let them get in the dishwasher!

It is said that the best “dishwashers” are we, women, but for the automatic washing machines we use for cleaning tableware and kitchenware, you can find other use. Thanks to this, the electronic dishwasher will cope us in many burdensome duties.


If you are afraid of washing your washing machine cap because of the spin and the deformation of the canopy, hygiene will help us to clean the dishwasher.

A hat, we often run in it, play tennis, or cover in the heat of the sun. Quickly moisturizes with sweat, so we should wash it often. In the case of dishwasher there is no fear of any spinning or spinning, so the cap will not lose its fashion.


Each of us uses a hairbrush – a good brush can cost up to several dozen dollars. Most of the ladies also use a brush to apply fluid or powder so they do not stain their hands and evenly place the cosmetics. Unfortunately, we forget that these utensils also need to be washed. Occasional blemishes appear on our complexion – most often the effect of using a dirty make-up brush.

These items are easy to wash in the dishwasher. In the case of a hairbrush, you should first clean it with your hair. Both the brush and the brush are placed in the upper drawer of the dishwasher, so that they will not fly and make noise. Once removed, they will not only be cleaner, but will also serve us better. We do not have to worry about the bad effects of detergents, after all we eat from dishes removed from the dishwasher. So our skin will not happen.

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For artificial flower fans the dishwasher is a real salvation. In the corners of the petals and leaves, in each slot, there is a lot of dust, which is difficult to get rid of with a cloth only. Therefore, put them in the dishwasher. They will not only be clean but will regain color and will look almost new.


Every child likes to play with them, especially in the tub. We think that if they are soaked in warm soapy water they are the cleanest in the world. Not true. Often bathroom toys are the most dangerous source of bacteria. To wash them, put them in a laundry bag and put them tightly on the drawer, in the dishwasher.

GLASS-type plafonds:

Twice a year you can wash the plafond, remove the glass and put it in the dishwasher.

Tip: Remove first the larger dust and dead insects.


These plastic, rubber, latex can also be washed in dishwashers. Note, these battery-operated ones are hand-cleaned.


Pasteurisation of jars must take place above 60 degrees Celsius and below 100. If in our dishwasher we set a strong program for washing soiled pots, we will reach the temperature. The jars should be placed upside down, because there will be a vacuum in the middle. This bacteria do not like, just like the temperature. For pasteurization using a dishwasher do not use any washing detergent.

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