If the aliens call, then our answer must be thoughtful

American physicist Stephen Hawking is more convinced than ever that people are not the only intelligent forms of life in the universe, “states USA Today.

In the latest 25-minute video, published on the CuriosityStream platform, Hawking tells of his search for alien life forms and takes viewers on a journey through their favorite corners of the universe.

In the movie “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places,” the science icon indicates that thousands of planets have been discovered outside the solar system in recent years.

“Some of them are flaming chambers, gates of fire and lava, others are solid diamonds created by radiation emitted by a dying star, but some more like the Earth,” says Hawking.

In the film, Hawking takes viewers on a journey through the universe in his own computer-generated spaceship. He stops on the planet Gliese 832c, which is one of the most likely candidates for a place where extraterrestrial life could be.

“A breath-taking view, super-earth, five times bigger than ours,” describes the physicist.

Hawking points out that scientists have no way of knowing if a planet is habitable. As he says in the film, maybe the atmosphere is so dense that it covers the surface of the globe with smog and heat. It is also possible that the gravity of the nearby sun will block the rotation of the planet. In that case, only one side of the globe would face the sun.

“But if such a fate does not meet the planet, there may be temperatures similar to those on Earth, and there may be a large amount of water there, and where there is water, life is very often,” says Hawking.

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The physicist reports that the planet Gliese 832c is within the reach of the Breakthrough Listen Initiative, a program of astronomical observation focused on the quest for intelligent life outside of Earth.

The scientist claims that one day we can receive a signal from Gliese 832c. “Our response should be thoughtful,” says Hawking. “Touching advanced civilization can be like meeting Indians with Columbus – and it does not end well.

According to Hawking, the discovery of intelligent life forms would be the greatest scientific discovery in history. – It would force us to change. We would have to abandon the thought of our uniqueness and behave with more humility and compassion, “says the physicist.

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