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On my last vacation I took only my smartphone and tablet. Decision taken: never more laptop on vacation!

The holiday season is full – almost all of us are either impatiently waiting for us to finally be cut off from our daily duties, or we are doing it now. It is well known – vacation is a time where we can go out with nature, meet friends and explore beautiful places. But let’s not forget that this is also the period in which we make up series and cinematic backlogs, we read books and relax with long-delayed games. At least most of us.

Some time ago I came to the conclusion that during the few days in my suitcase I would certainly not find a place for a laptop. First of all, because even the slimest and lightest notebooks do not provide such mobility and convenience as a tablet, and second, because as a multimedia entertainment center, Android works better than Windows. And obvious advantages such as the comfort of lying on the tablet and absorbing more content, I do not need to introduce myself.

It was so lucky that my few days of relaxation coincided with the testing of my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet. And after a few days I already know that he will soon invest in this model privately, because I was absolutely fascinated him. The Galaxy Tab S2 is for me a definition of what a modern tablet should be. Why? I invite you to read.

Immediately after taking out the device from the box, I firstly glanced at one thing – his screen. The Super AMOLED panel of 2048×1536 pixels is by far the best display I have ever seen on tablets. Do not you believe I encourage you to check out the reviews of the biggest technology portals in the world – Engadget and Cnet write a wonderful screen, “TechRadar notes that Samsung now has top displays on both smartphones and tablets,” and Digital Trends reporter believes that the Galaxy Tab S2 will want full Watch movies online. There is something about it. In my opinion, the bigger the AMOLED, the bigger is the impression – my fiancé after a moment of fun with Tab S2 said she did not even think that there are so beautiful displays. And because of my profession, every month, through our flat, there is a lot of technological innovation.

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Okay, but what’s so great about this screen and how does it get to the holiday? Well, AMOLED technology provides very intense colors, perfect blackness and high brightness. The latter, it is useful even when using the tablet outdoors – in my case it was even catching up on the serial off the hammock and reading books while on the beach. In addition, Tab S2 offers a 4: 3 aspect ratio display and not the same as most 16:10 tablets. Thanks to a slightly more square layout, the web pages look much more natural and do not differ much from the format we see from the PC. I will not mention reading longer texts, for example books – on most tablets, it’s not a nice experience, but Samsung’s screen layout is just like … a book.

The producer is well aware of this advantage, so he implemented a special reading mode in Tab S2 – using it makes our eyes do not tire, even after several hours of intense reading. And also, as part of the Galaxy Gifts program, we may receive a free three-month premium account at Legimi. The easiest way to identify this service is Spotify for books – there are over a dozen thousand items that we can find on different devices. Suffice it to say that since I became acquainted with Legimi, I read at least one book a week. Previously, I just did not have time to go to the library – now I have everything at my fingertips.

Not all tablets will fit easily in any bag or backpack, and even if …. holding half a day in the hands of a half kilogram can not be considered comfortable. Fortunately, the Galaxy Tab S2 with 8-inch display weighs just 265 grams, which is just one and a half standard smartphone. The side wall of the device has a thickness of only 5.6 mm, so that the equipment can fit almost anywhere, and the use of it is pure pleasure. On the market we also find the Taba S2 version equipped with a SIM card slot and LTE support – thanks to this, the tablet is independent of the routers or mobile hotspots created on the smartphone. Access to the network we have on it always, in every situation.

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And yet the question of software – Samsung’s overlay on Android can boast the best in the market for split-screen modes and display applications in the windows. No problem, I can simultaneously surf the web and my own mailbox, watch one movie at a time, and peek at an information service with just a few finger swings. Yes, yes, I know it’s better to focus on one thing at a time, but watching the Simpsons and checking out what’s on Facebook on vacation does not hurt anyone, right?

And we are moving on to another important issue, perhaps the most important one in mobile devices – the working time on a single charge. I sincerely admit that when I first saw the Taba S2 advertised as the world’s slimmest tablet, “I was apprehensive – finally in such a thin case it was impossible to put a huge battery on. Fortunately, the hardware works on a single charge long enough that when it was my primary electronic device on vacation, I charged it every two to three days. And again – the strength of his battery I noticed not only me, all the reviewers confirm it properly.

From a journalist’s point of view, I will add that under the Taba S2 there are very powerful components for which launching the latest Play Store games or demanding applications is not a challenge. Believe me, I tried to silence him.

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