Id Software creates a new id Tech engine

Full optimization for Ryzen processors. On the AMD channel on YouTube, a new video appeared, in which Robert Duffy, Technical Director id Software, shares his thoughts, among others. About Sunnyvale’s new chips and plans for its future. Thanks to this, we got to know the first information about the new engine to be prepared.

As is well known, AMD and Bethesda recently signed a close cooperation agreement. As a result, future studios based on the other two companies are working well on red hardware. ID Duffy, who in his brief statement revealed that his company is working on a new id Tech engine.

This will be the most likely version number 7 that will replace the six used in Doom. But what is important, Duffy assures that the engine will be fully optimized just under the Ryzen processors. We expect above all definitely better than currently using CPU resources, and games based on the new id Tech should make use of a large number of cores. In the case of 16-threaded AMD chips the effects can be really very interesting.

By the way id representative also confirmed that the upcoming great Quake Champions will also work great on Ryzen and Vega graphics cards. Developers have previously asserted that API Vulkan will be produced for this production, which should also be used in future productions based on id Tech 7.

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