Hyperloop One shows the route design

Hyperloop One has teamed up with Dubai authorities to create the first segment of the super-fast terrestrial rail. The company has just presented the preliminary design of such a route as well as the capsules to be carried passengers.

The idea of ​​super fast rail, which Elon Musk is working on, could soon be completed in Dubai. The Hyperloop One consortium has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the city authorities and has just showed the preliminary design of the route and passenger capsule. The project is to build a route linking Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so that the journey time between these two cities, which in the case of a car is now two hours, would shorten to just 12 minutes.

During the presentation, a preliminary pods project was presented, which is a special capsule that will carry passengers. Naturally, they are adapted to the realities of the United Arab Emirates, so they are very comfortable and suitable for both groups of people as well as for businessmen who want to travel alone in luxurious conditions.

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