Hyperloop is much cheaper thanks to the new solution

If the project carried out by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is successful, in a dozen or so years, air transport will lose significance, as a much more convenient way of traveling between cities will be the ultra fast train traveling in a vacuum tube at a speed of 1000 km / h.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, working on the prototype of this transport system, has just announced that it will use one of its existing passive magnetic levitation technologies. This is a similar solution to the maglev technology used in trains in Europe, China and Japan, but much cheaper and safer.

Passive magnetic levitation does not require the installation of a power substation train to the rail along the entire route, which significantly lowers the cost of the entire project. It is also significantly safer than maglev technology, as it eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure that could cause failure of one of these power stations.

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