Huawei is working on a mobile system

The Huawei Chinese company is taking more and more aggressive action to highlight its presence in the western markets. Their part is not only creating a new Nexus family of smartphones for Google, but also developing their own Kirin OS mobile OS.

Huawei was not until recently known in the West primarily for telecommunications equipment. Recently, the company has invested heavily in the smartphone market and has not only created its own models, but has also partnered with Google to build the next-generation Nexus.

Of course, the plans of the Chinese company are not over yet, and their own Kirin mobile processor continues to grow, and we recently learned that Huawei has partnered with ZTE and is working on a completely new mobile operating system aimed at reducing its dependence on Android.. Interestingly, works have been underway for three years, so the new platform may already be at a very advanced stage.

Reports say that Huawei is preparing a new smartphone model that will already be equipped with a corporate operating system. Of course, it’s just rumors and it’s not known how true they are.

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