Huawei accuses former employees of spying on Coolpad

Huawei Chinese company accused six former industrial espionage employees. Employees were to keep company secrets, passing them on to Huawei’s rivals, Leemco and Coolpad. The suspects were arrested.

In the case of large corporations of similar business profile, the fight market share is so fierce that sometimes also industrial espionage is taking place, so as to capture the secrets of a competitive company. Six former engineers and designers were arrested by Chinese authorities and investigators have just started investigating them. Huawei accuses them of stealing company secrets and submitting them to Coolpad, a division of the Chinese giant LeEco.

Employees have entered the competition half a year after former CEO Liu Jiangfeng, who left one of Huawei’s brands to take over as CEO of Coolpad. Among them is Wu Bin, chief architect of Huawei P6 smartphone architects.

Coolpad defends allegations that the technology allegedly acquired in the wrong way is in fact related to the patent applications filed before the defendant joined the company. He also assures that the suspects did not bring any trade secrets.

So the court will settle the dispute.

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