How often do we destroy our smartphones?

Many of us buying a smartphone for a few thousand dollars are worried not to damage or destroy it by chance. However, it is difficult to prevent this and sooner or later the expensive device will be damaged. And how often is it damaged? This question was decided by the company ZAGG.

A few weeks ago, it carried out a market study, the results of which are now presented. The study was rapid, conducted over the internet and lasted only seven minutes. However, it was enough to involve 768 people in the United States who had a smartphone or tablet and asked a few questions related to hardware safety.

23 percent of respondents said they were most concerned about losing or stealing a smartphone. For the 16th percentile, the biggest threat is damage to the screen, while 15 percent said that overall damage to their equipment is spent sleeping with their eyelids.

Those who suffered destruction or damage to the equipment were asked what was the cause. 38 percent of respondents said the device fell from the palm and landed, while 26 percent had an accident with water.

This last question is particularly interesting because it is divided into four subcategories: water fall, soaking, spillage, and throwing into the toilet. The event with the toilet was met by 6 percent of the respondents, ie about 46 people. It clearly demonstrates that when we go for physiological needs, we should not take the phone with us, because there is a great risk that we can lose it.

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