How is it with these Korean rockets?

Kim Jong-un does not forgive and continues to swing the saber to the ever greater astonishment and bitterness of the whole world. But what can the North Korea do? The map below looks scary, although it is somewhat misleading, but it shows that there are reasons for concern, which should be particularly close neighbors of the communist regime.

The biggest threat is not Taepodong-2, having the widest range. First of all, so far they have not been able to carry out their successful test, and Korea has at most a few of their pieces, it is estimated that one or two.

The Musudan missile proved to be the most well-known weapon in the war, and it is likely that missiles of this type are likely to be installed on North Korean launchers. Their range is estimated at 3-4,000 kilometers and with the “good winds” they could reach even Guam Island, which has US military bases. This is for the moment the only real threat to the United States.

The United States may be calm in their territories, but they do not have the comfort of the closest communist neighbors, South Korea and Japan, which can be attacked by Musudan missiles. In order to defend their allies from them, Americans have sent their mobile anti-missile shield near the Korean Peninsula, which is unlikely to have much trouble with missile launches, if so, in the robbery of Kim Jong Una’s frenzy were fired.

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