How do we lose important data? Very different

Every electronic device owner knows how important data is, regardless of whether it’s a phone, a camera, or a portable drive. Their loss happens very often, and often we are responsible for it ourselves, but the most interesting are ways of losing data.

The latest shows that at least 25 percent of all computer users in the world experience data loss. Most of these cases, as much as 56 percent, happen as a result of hardware malfunction, 9 percent are software failures, and 4 percent are viruses. However, in a high proportion of cases (up to 26%) the human factor suffers.

Many users just do not have a clue how to handle the hardware safely, as confirmed by Kroll Ontrack’s joint campaign and Antyradia, where users share the strangest devastation.

Sometimes they are really surprising, as in the case of a girl who accidentally splashed a pendrive with paint. Poor woman did not even think that electronics were badly abrasive, so dipping the media in a solvent is not a good idea.

In total, more than 200 radio listeners have shared the story, and many have pointed to recklessness in dealing with equipment, or even mere stupidity. This was the case with a man whose 1.5 year old son was handling a potty. Do not know why, this popular equipment, instead of the bathroom, wraps around the apartment. Once upon a time, it turned out that the phone, in addition to ordinary content, also hit the phone reckless daddy.

Another story concerns a father who thinks himself to be a golden hand, to which a young man announced the strange noises coming from the computer disk. A clever daddy was supposed to take care of the problem and actually took care of it, though maybe not as he should. He unzipped the disc and greased his plates with WD40 fluid.

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Another story concerns a driver who, while boarding a car, distracted by a telephone conversation, rested his laptop on the front wheel of the car. After the chat he forgot the computer and of course he drove it.

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