He survived 17 months without heart

Stan Larkin, a 25-year-old man, had been heartless for 17 months, while his function was taken over by a special pump that dealt with blood.

In Larkin and his older brother in childhood, familial cardiomyopathy was diagnosed. It is a disease that causes slow myocardial degradation. The man was removed from the body in December 2014, replacing it with a device called the SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver, which, to put it plainly, can be described as a portable heart carried in a backpack.

The machinery weighs 6.1 kg and uses compressed air to pump blood through the body. The device was designed for short-term use where the heart totally refused to obey, but the man has been using it for 17 months and has only lived it. Fortunately, last month, he was transplanted to the real heart of the donor.

His brother also had this equipment, but his heart was transplanted much earlier, because he got it already last year.

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