A hand carved robot

Sculpting repetitive motives in wood is a laborious and demanding job. Although there are machines that can do such tasks on demand, but these are very expensive devices. Handibot will replace the machine and woodcarver, not limited to one material, can sculpt in metal and plastics.

With the use of the ball, chisels, chisels, bits and hundreds of other tools, craftsmen create masterpieces that are decorated with façades and interiors of buildings and furniture and boats. Each element requires the creator of a multi-hour work. Thanks to the appearance of digitally controlled machine tools, some of the work in larger manufacturing plants is performed by machines.

For home-made woodcarving amateurs, creators of all shelfs, small furniture manufacturers have created a robotic tool that will successfully replace huge industrial machines. Handibot belongs to the CNC group – Computerized Numerical Control. It is portable, easy to use, and the program and preparation of the cutting pattern remains the responsibility of the user. The robot software is available as Open Source. Controls can be made from your tablet, computer, or even your smartphone.

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