Half a year in prison for stealing photos of celebs

One American court has just ruled against one of the hackers responsible for stealing naked pictures of celebrities that he copied from their mail accounts and web drives. The man will spend at least six months in a state prison.

A few years ago there was a huge leak of naked pictures and footage of celebrities, athletes and well-known Hollywood actors who were stolen by hackers. Another person involved in this case has just been sentenced to a detention.

Andrew Holton, a hacker living in Oregon, has been phishing for almost two years by tricking passwords and logins into their mailboxes and online disks and then using them to break into the service and copy the data there. The man has just been sentenced to half a year in prison and a two-year supervising officer.

Holton was not directly associated with The Fappening, as it was the work of Ryan Collins, who was arrested in 2013. Moreover, he did not share the stolen material, but only stored it on disk, hence the penalty for doing so is low.

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