Hackers will attack by mouse or keyboard

Many of us use wireless mice and keyboards that connect to the computer via small transmitters that transmit signals. It turns out that they are very poorly secured and hackers through them are able to take control of our computer.

The impression is that in the last few years, hackers have become more specialized and have more and more ways of infecting our malware and then taking control of it.

Even if we constantly update our anti-virus program, that does not mean we’re safe, because cybercriminals have just found another way to break into our hardware. The new way uses wireless computer accessories such as mice and keyboards offered by Dell, Gigabyte, Logitech, Microsoft, Lenovo and HP.

These accessories connect to the computer using transmitters and they can be used by hackers to attack. This method was discovered by a specialist nickname MouseJack from Bastille, who found a gap in the communication system between the device and the transmitter.

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