Hackers have taken over the sirens of the warning system

Residents of Dallas last week could have been pretty surprised when all the sirens of the alert system activated at the same time. It turned out that it was the effect of the hackers who took control of them.

Practically in each city are installed emergency warning sirens, which are used to inform residents in life-threatening situations such as tornadoes, chemical contamination, etc. Usually, except for routine tests of their efficiency, these sirens are silent. Meanwhile, last week in Dallas launched all 156 and ran for 90 minutes, causing the residents of the city in a great consternation.

The city authorities, after examining the case, acknowledged that the siren system had been attacked by hackers who had taken over the control. Of course, this was not the first such incident, as often attempts were made to attack these devices, but so far one or two sirens have been taken.

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