Growing popularity of YouTube

The YouTube portal is unmatched by the popularity of the materials it publishes. The latest data shows that every day there are 1 billion hours of movies.

Google’s YouTube site is gaining popularity every year, and it can be argued that it has already surpassed television in this respect. According to the latest data, users of the portal every day watch a billion hours of movies posted there. It is as if every seventh inhabitant of the planet, every day spent on this site an hour.

It is worth adding that the rate of increase in the number of hours of watching material is getting faster and faster. In 2014 there were only 300 million hours a day, and a year later 500 million hours were recorded. It is easy to see that the number has doubled in just one year.

Of course, this increase is due mainly to the growing number of users of the portal and to the ease of access to the devices where the videos can be viewed. Especially here is mobile equipment.

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