GoPro slows people down and closes the troops

GoPro’s financial troubles forced her to restructure. A well-known sports camera manufacturer has announced a 15% layoff, its staff and the closure of its entertainment division.

The most famous manufacturer of sports cameras is increasingly financial problems. Although Black Friday was very profitable for GoPro, it did not change much in its current situation. The management of the company decided to undertake a major restructuring.

Work will lose 15 percent. The staff, about 200 people, will additionally shut down the entertainment department. At the end of the year, the former chief executive and chief financial officer of Skype, Tony Bates, will also leave.

Restructuring is needed to make GoPro profitable again next year. However, it will be difficult, as GoPro cameras are increasingly losing customers’ loyalty to cheaper Chinese products. Major problems have also caused the company to drow Karma, which due to frequent self-ignition, had to be withdrawn from the market and had to give money to all its buyers.

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