Google with the idea of ​​sticking pedestrians to cars

Autonomous cars, even in spite of the sophisticated electronics present on board, will not be able to cope with all the situations that can happen on the road, including pedestrians suddenly popping up in front of the mask. To minimize the impact of this accident, Google wants to use very unusual technology.

There are no chances in hurrying with a speeding car, so many automotive companies are developing solutions to protect their lives, such as specially made masks or even airbags built into the front of the car and shock absorbers.

Prior to such incidents, autonomous cars will not be protected, so Google has unveiled a patent describing the extraordinary technology that is designed to protect pedestrian life that falls on the mask of such a vehicle. The system is very unusual because it is based on the viscous layer covering the vehicle’s hood and the front fenders to keep the victim on it. In short, the pedestrian sticks to the car’s bodywork, which prevents it from being reflected from it and increasing the injury from falling to asphalt.

Of course, the layer is not always sticky, because otherwise it would catch all dirt and quickly cease to be useful, but consists of very small containers that break during the impact of the body and only then release the glue contained therein.

This is only a concept, of course, but there are already many questions related to it. The most important thing is the car wash, as the car wash brushes can bind containers with sticky substance and seal all car wash. Another problem is the small pebbles that often strike the mask while driving as they could also release the adhesive.

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