Google will help us choose a smartphone

The multitude of Android devices available on the market makes the average consumer want to choose the right equipment for his or her device, facing a very difficult dilemma. Even if it has specific needs, choosing the right device is not easy. Fortunately with the help comes Google, which has created a tool to help you choose.

The online giant has just launched a special website called # / Which Phone, which helps consumers choose the right Android smartphone.

There are many models available, and each has a different technical specification and advantages and disadvantages. Digging through all of this information is extremely time-consuming, and so we only have access to dry data, so manually compare the parameters of all devices to find the one that best meets our needs. Which Phone tool helps us.

This is a special site that will determine the smartphone model that we need based on specific criteria. First, users are asked questions to determine their needs and then determine what equipment they will use, such as listening to music, games, photos, social media, etc.

Once you have set the criteria you will get some suggestions that best meet your requirements, along with the characteristics of each model.

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