Google wants to show faces under VR goggles

Google is one of the companies that sees the potential of VR technology. Its engineers are working on improving it, and one of the newest ideas is to present a user’s face under the goggles.

Virtual reality goggles are not yet widely used and can still be found on all kinds of presentations. During this show, the audience sees what is displayed in front of the volunteer’s eyes but does not know what the impression is made of it, as the face hides the goggles.

Google is therefore working on a technique that will expose the wearer’s face without removing goggles. He intends to create a three dimensional model of his face and then apply it to the outer surface of such glasses.

The model will be rendered on the fly as special sensors will track the position of his eyes and update the displayed image. Unfortunately, this will not happen in real time, but with some delay, so for now the technology will not be ideal.

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