Google tests drones providing 5G signal

Google has been working on Project Loon for a few years now, with the goal of using stratospheric balloons to provide access to a network of sites that are not reaching traditional ways. However, the media reports that the company is testing a completely new way of delivering drones.

The Guardian reporters have announced that Google has begun work on a draft work called SkyBender, which will use drones to deliver 5G mobile internet users. The consortium allegedly hired a large hangar at Spaceport America Spaceport in New Mexico, where it plans to test prototype transmitters using millimeter radio waves and drones to carry them.

Millimeter radio waves will give broadcasters access to a completely new spectrum in the crowded space used by current mobile transmitters, which will enable data to be transmitted at significantly higher speeds. The disadvantage of this technology, however, is definitely the shorter range of the signal, so the transmitters must be much denser.

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