Google streamlines your searches

Computer users who use Google search primarily for photo and image search will appreciate the improvements made to this feature.

Based on user feedback, Google makes changes to image search algorithms, redesigning the search engine, and changing the way content is presented. Currently, the first search results will be shown in one line, so access to them will become faster and more comfortable.

Another option is to quickly dig through the set of images using the keyboard. Browsing the search results is done by scrolling down the page. In addition, we can count on more information related to the visual content, so-called. Metadata, displayed directly below the search results, so the user will no longer be redirected to an extra page.

The search engine will also be supplemented with a new button allowing you to visit the site from which the image came from, and additionally the domain names will become clickable.

Google promises that the above changes will be implemented in the next few days.

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