Google ran facebook and bought Titan Aerospace

Google and Facebook are competing in a project aimed at providing cheap access to networks in developing countries. However, the online giant can significantly override social media plans as it has just acquired Titan Aerospace.

Titan Aerospace is a famous manufacturer of solar powered unmanned vehicles called Solara, which are ideally suited to the implementation of both companies’ ideas. Facebook was interested in buying the company and even talked about the issue, but did it too slowly and ran it over Google, which surpassed Zuckerberg, offering far more than the proposed $ 60 million.

Google’s Loon Project, which has so far been implemented with stratospheric balloons, however, Titan Aerospace can stay in the air for much longer, and has more lifts (balloons could carry about 11kg of cargo, Solara takes 120kg) and are able to cover Its wider coverage area.

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