Google Maps with automatic translation reviews

Google is improving the Map service again. The company has just announced that it has introduced an automatic translation service review. After the update, they are translated into the language that we have set on the service that connects to the service.

It’s easy to see that the quality of translation in Google has improved considerably over the last few years. Translations, especially in the case of more complex texts, are still missing the ideal, but they still help people who do not speak English well. The search engine giant, however, is already sure enough of the quality of translation that it has just introduced an automatic translation of reviews into Maps.

From Google’s published material, it appears that the site first shows the translated text while the original is displayed underneath it. The correct update has already been released, so it should be up to the site’s users. If we do not see it, then Mountain View is likely to introduce patches in stages and it will take a while for him to wait.

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