Google is working on pasting text in apps without prior copy

Google is working on a big improvement for its applications. The information provided by the network shows that the programs developed by the company will soon allow you to paste text without first copying. Its content will be predicted based on what we do in the Chrome browser.

Let’s say we use Chorme to search for a restaurant and then try to find it in Maps itself. We need to enter the name both in the browser and in the navigation program. However, the situation is changing in the future, when Google software will automatically … tell us the text to paste. According to the editorial portal Venture Beat, the company is already working on the right solution, and the suggestions will be based on our activity in the Chrome browser.

The enhancements are to be available in the Android operating system. It will appear in the next few months, with the release of Chrome 60. Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that all data is to be stored locally and will never be sent to Google servers.

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