Google is working on diabetic equipment

There are many different projects in Google’s labs, not just computers, consumer electronics, or cars. Recently, the American concern is also designing medical equipment, and one of the ideas should delight diabetics.

The company is working on a device that will be able to draw blood without the use of needles, so that the process will become completely painless. For diabetics who need to prick their fingers every few days to check their blood sugar level, such a device would be extremely useful.

Google has so far outlined a patent describing a new device in which we describe that its mode of operation is based on the launching of microparticle-fueled gas into the skin. Thanks to the vacuum produced, the device would collect a small amount of blood from the place where the microparticles entered the skin.

Blood, however, is small enough that the device would not be suitable for more serious research. And it can be useful only in tests where you need a small amount of it, mainly to check the blood sugar levels that diabetics need to perform.

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