Google Home integrates with Hyundai

Korean Hyundai has shown how its cars integrate with Google Home. With his help, the car’s owner will be able, while sitting in the living room, to unlock the locks remotely, and also start the engine.

Modern cars have more and more features that make them easier to handle. The holder of such a vehicle, with a mobile phone or smartwatch, can remotely check the fuel level, check the odometer, open the locks and warm or cool the interior.

Soon, however, new opportunities for interaction with your own vehicle will emerge. Hyundai has demonstrated its co-operation with its Google Home ecosystem using Google Assistant.

Wireless communication with the on-board computer allows you to remotely control some functions of your car. The user sitting in the living room on a comfortable couch can remotely unlock the locks or start the engine as in the winter, or the summer will allow proper heating or air conditioning to maximize comfort when entering the vehicle.

This system is based on the Blue Link, the same communication platform that last year enabled communication with cars for Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. In addition to starting the engine and unlocking the locks, the user can also remotely operate the horn, light, and start or stop charging the battery in the case of a hybrid plug-in.

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