Google Fiber takes a new direction

Google has been introducing changes to its existing projects for some time, adapting them to market needs. This also applies to Google Fiber, which takes a completely new direction.

Google Fiber is America’s flagship Mountain View project, which aims to provide customers with high bandwidth fiber optic connections. It seems, however, that the project has not completely burned out, as the media reports the company is making major changes to its implementation department.

Hundreds of employees involved in the installation and operation of the links have been relocated to other jobs. The rest, left behind, will work on a completely new field. It is reported that Google Fiber will focus on wireless connections.

To this end, he was employed by Greg McCray, a wireless communications specialist who was assigned by Access, a Google Fiber oversight unit.

Sources say that offering fiber links for home use has proven to be too costly for the company. Last year more than $ 1 billion was invested in the venture, but recovering that money is unlikely. It was decided then that we had to cut operating costs and release half of the 500 employees employed by this project.

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