Google Chrome will receive its own ad blocking mechanism

Chrome browser will … block ads. According to the Wall Street Journal editor, Google is working on a mechanism that will allow the app to ban certain promotional materials. Changes are expected to appear both in PC software and on mobile devices.

From the web, it appears that Chrome will disable ads from the list of CBA (Coalition for Better Ads) Google is a member of. It includes spots that appear during the countdown or autoplay video.Of course, it’s hardly surprising that the Mountain View giant will not block all promotional material in its browser. It is not known today that the company makes money on advertising. Instead, she just wants to let us avoid the most burdensome content.

Unfortunately, we do not currently know exactly when Google will introduce the Chrome changes in the text discussed in the text. However, if this is the case, then the company will be the owner of not only the most popular browser in the world, but also the most popular tool for blocking marketing materials.

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