Google car stopped for too slow drive

Many opponents of autonomous vehicles fear that they will move on the roads too soon. Perhaps this will be the case in the future, but for the time being it is too slow to produce traffic jams. A few days ago, the traffic police stopped one of Google’s standalone vehicles.

There are a number of speed dilemmas facing autonomous vehicle builders. It is known that they have to comply with the restrictions, just like other road users, but the technology is still not well developed enough to move quickly. Their speed is therefore limited and for Google vehicles it is about 40 km / h.

Unfortunately, on fast roads, it causes huge problems and causes traffic jams. Low speed is just as dangerous as high, so a few days ago one of Mountain View’s vehicles was stopped by a traffic jam for too slow driving. The employees of the corporation did not get a mandate because they operate slightly outside the rules of the road and have their own legal regulations, but speed issues can be a big problem.

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