Google can pay a giant fine

Has leaked a European Commission document regarding allegations against Google. They concern the abuse of monopoly position in the mobile device market. Mountain View companies may pay a multi-billion dollar compensation for this.

European antitrust authorities could soon impose giant fines on Google, which would have paid 860 million euros to pay Microsoft.

The European Commission is investigating Google for abuse of monopoly position in the mobile device market. The final decision was not taken, but just a 150-page document leaked, which sheds some light on the dispute. He suggests that the matter is very serious, and that the online giant can feel a very painful penalty imposed on him.

The case concerns the smartphone market. There is a discount or payment for Android device manufacturers, in return for preinstalling company applications such as the Google Play Store and the online search engine.

The document states that the US corporation may be fined for its practices. So far, its upper limit is unknown, but we know it will be based on Google’s earnings in Europe for AdWords, web search, Play Store purchases, and AdMob for mobile ads. The income from these ventures was certainly huge, so the fine could also be that.

And that is not the end of the concern, as the European Commission plans to penalize it also for favoring its own commercial services at the expense of its rivals. Stores have repeatedly complained that the positions of their websites in the online search engine are down, while in higher positions there are links to stores related to the American company. The Commission may order the restoration of the ranking of stores and provide better promotion of their services.

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So far, the EC spokesman has not commented on the leak of the document.

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