Galaxy S6 in pictures

In a few days at Mobile World Congress we will finally be able to see the latest Samsung product, the Galaxy S6. But before its official presentation scheduled for early March, thanks to XDA Developers forum users, we can now see what the new flagship of the Korean giant looks like.

Samsung has so far managed to keep its Galaxy S6 look unannounced and just a few days ago presented only its enclosure profile. But now we can look more closely at the new model, because the XDA Developers forum has his photos. They present a prototype or test model from the AT & T operator and give us some idea of ​​what we can expect from the new Korean production.

You can see that the sides of the housing of the device are metallic, and the front of the camera is large lens, which makes sense, because the device will probably be installed 5 megapixel module, the same as that in the Galaxy Note 4 user responsible for doing these The photo also states that both the front and rear parts of the case are protected with glass.

On the back panel, there is a main camera lens, next to which is a flash LED and a heart rate monitor. There is no slot for the microSD card, which may suggest that we are dealing with some early prototype.

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