Galaxy Note 5 does not fit into Gear VR

If you have a Gear VR kit and thought the Galaxy Note 5 would be great for this device, I must disappoint you. It turns out that a few days ago, Samsung’s latest business phablet will not work with this device because it does not fit.

Theoretically there should be no problem with inserting a Galaxy Note 5 into GearVR, because the new phablet has the same screen as the Galaxy Note 4. However, it turns out that there are some differences in the design of this equipment that prevent it from being inserted into the goggles. What’s more, for the Galaxy Note 5 there are currently no applications that support virtual reality.

GearVR users will have to wait a bit until Samsung releases a special handle for this model, as did the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Or wait for the new goggle model that Samsung announced a few days ago. Technical details are not yet known, but we should assume that they will fit the new product.

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