Fujitsu technology will help seize criminals

New technologies are being used by law enforcement not from today, allowing for the rapid flow of information between different units, building bases of searchers, or, in the most advanced form, “catching” the faces of the latter on video recordings.

Engineers of the Japanese concern have developed software that is designed to take on the role of a refugee, identifying likely routes of movement. How difficult it is to find a way in a small town, in big cities, it is simply impossible, and policemen taking part in the raid are not able to bet on all the possible alleys.

The algorithm presented is just such a task: identify possible escape routes and calculate their probability that the commander can better deploy the officers they have.

Compared to previous technologies, the development of an optimal security plan, with 100 nodes, is currently 20 times faster, while at 200 nodes it is 500 times faster.

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