French watchdog criticizes Windows 10

Until the end of the promotion to allow free transfer to the Windows platform 10 remained only a few days. Many people are wondering whether it is a good idea to switch to a new operating system, but given how much information the user is collecting, some may want to pause.

French watchdog CNIL recently looked at Windows 10 and believes the platform is gathering too much information about the user. Microsoft claims that these functions are built into the system only to produce statistics that help identify problems, but also count the number of applications downloaded and the amount of time spent. The problem is that these data are not needed in any way for the normal functioning of the system and may harm the privacy of users.

CNIL experts also suggest that Windows 10 is a bit too loose for security reasons, for example, users can enter unlimited PINs to access a computer, which opens the way for hackers to use the brute-force attack method. According to watchdog, this makes the system neither secure nor safeguard user data.

The problem is also a unique identifier that is given to the user for advertising purposes, providing Microsoft with very detailed information about his behavior and preferences.

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