Formula 1 cars will receive a closed cockpit

Formula 1 racing is a very dangerous sport, which is confirmed by the death of two famous drivers Jules Bianchi and Justin Wilson due to severe head injuries during the collision. The FIA ​​experts are going to endorse the requests of drivers and allow the cockpits to be closed with sturdy guards.

Formula 1 racing cars are generally extremely durable. The carbon monoxide cockpit is able to protect the driver from the effects of a very high speed crash. Unfortunately, the weakest point of the design is the driver’s head, which is protected only by a thin helmet, and this does not provide sufficient protection, as exemplified by the death of 25-year-old Jules Bianchi, who in December 2014 suffered a major accident during the Grand Prix of Japan. The young driver suffered head injuries, which resulted in him dying seven months later.

F1 drivers have long postulated the introduction of structural changes in cars that would allow the cockpit to be built, much better protecting the driver’s head. The FIA ​​apparently agrees with this idea, because federal experts have investigated the matter and perhaps this will be approved in 2017.

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