Ford revolutionizes employee transport

The Ford group has just launched its Ford Dynamic Shuttle, a completely new employee transport system, as part of a pilot program in Dearborn, Mich. The American company hopes that its idea will also take the form of public transport, greatly reducing traffic jams.

Ford Dynamic Shuttle is a service designed for employees of the American concern who need to reach the corporate campus. This is not a simple transport, but a Uber-like service, but far more complex. By using a dedicated application, an employee can call for transportation that will pick him up from a specific location and then deliver it to the workplace.

Ford Dynamic Shuttle was announced for the first time in January, but now the service has been launched as part of a pilot program to determine its suitability. Its goal is not only to bring employees to the workplace smoothly, but also to collect data that will streamline the system as well as determine the best routes to get to your site as quickly as possible.

Software that manages the entire system, upon receipt of a request from a particular employee, uses a special algorithm that determines the route in such a way as to take away the passenger, without significantly prolonging the travel time of the vehicle. This means that each vehicle will not be based on a predetermined fixed route, but will vary depending on where the passenger wants to go.

The engineers of the American company hope that in the future their technology can significantly improve urban transport systems, improving their efficiency and reducing the formation of traffic jams.

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