Flying cab

German company E-Volo presented the latest generation of its Volocopter 2X aircraft. As early as next year, the vehicle will be able to work as a flying taxi, carrying passengers without passing traffic jams.

The taxi times we have known so far have come to an end. In a few years, taxi drivers will have to look for another job, as autos are going to take the car to the destination. At the same time there will be flying taxis, and one of them will be the Volocopter 2X, developed by the engineers of the German company E-Volo.

It is already the second generation electric helicopter, which has significantly improved compared to the previous model VC200. First of all, it is an autonomous aircraft now capable of taking up to two people aboard. It can also be controlled from the cockpit or remotely, although a pilot license will be required.

The Volocopter 2X is a VROT (vertical landing and landing) vehicle, and is powered by an extremely quiet electric motor that transmits power to 18 rotors, which at a speed of 68 km / h allows you to fly 27 km. Maximum up to 99 km, and at a speed of 49 km / h, you can fly for 27 minutes. The engine powers nine lithium-ion batteries, which have a full charge of 120 minutes.

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