Flight Control System tests for drones

Drones are devices that begin to fly more and more and are slowly becoming a more serious threat to planes. To avoid a collision in the air, which will inevitably begin to happen in the near future, NASA is working on a new flight control system for unmanned aerial vehicles.

The US space agency has been developing a nationwide air traffic management system called Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for unmanned aerial vehicles, and a few days ago, its first test was conducted to see how it performs in different parts of the country.

The main task of the new flight control system is to manage the air space at a height of 60 to 15 meters, which would be primarily intended for drones used by hobbyists and companies planning to provide them with various types of packages. This is the creation of aerial corridors for unmanned aerial vehicles and a dynamic geofencing system that will prevent them from falling over, allowing you to route your machines to the weather conditions.

New technology tests were conducted simultaneously in several US locations, releasing 24 machines from different manufacturers and different software.

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