Fish scales will help to heal wounds

Most of us know the fish only that it tastes best with BBQ. Researchers in the meantime study other uses of these aquatic creatures and a group of Chinese researchers have recently discovered that fish scales can be extremely useful in treating wounds, accelerating their healing process.

Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine has been conducting tests for a variety of biological materials and their impact on the wound healing process for some time. Scientists have just discovered that surprising results are achieved through fish scales.

During testing, they tested the proteins found in Tilapia scales, checking their efficacy in laboratory rats, and found that their effectiveness in wound healing was very high. Apparently, the factor responsible for the acceleration of treatment is contained in collagen scales, which allows for the formation of new cells while protecting the wound from external pathogens.

The results, which you can read here, will be very promising. It is possible that in the future they will lead to completely new types of bandages, which will help our wounds cure much faster.

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